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OCaPPI-Db (Oligonucleotide Capture Probes for Pathogen Identification Database) is an oligonucleotide hybridization capture probe database targeting virulence factors and genes used to discriminate the NIAID’s bacterial pathogens priority list.
OCaPPI-Db contains a set of 1,685 oligonucleotide probes allowing for the detection and identification of 245 biomarkers specific for 30 bacterial biothreat agents up to the species level.
This probe set can be used in its entirety to provide a comprehensive diagnostic tool or can be restricted to a set of probes targeting a specific pathogen or virulence factor according to user’s needs.

About - OcaPPI-Db


About - Citation

If you find OCaPPI-Db useful for your research, please cite:
Gasc C., Constantin A., Jaziri F. and Peyret P. (2016)
OCaPPI-Db: an oligonucleotide probe database for pathogen identification through hybridization capture. Database

About - Release information

First release:
September 6, 2016
30 bacterial genera; 245 genes; 1,685 probes

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Questions, comments, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome at pierre.peyret@udamail.fr

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